What’s black, white, and read all-over?

Read about some of the great strides being made in LGBT study abroad initiatives and movements towards global equality: The U.N. Now Recognizes Same-Sex Marriages for All of Its Staffers– BuzzFeed France Legalizes… Continue reading

Transgender and TSA

National Center for Transgender Equality Travel Federal Policy Changes As the Department of Homeland Security has greatly expanded, many programs have been established that were designed without taking transgender people into account. The… Continue reading


Don’t let the cost of study abroad keep you from going! Check out the many different scholarship options available to students : LGBT Specific: Fund for Education Abroad Rainbow Scholarship General: The Education… Continue reading

Hear From a Peer

LGBTQ community members across the world are taking to internet to share their experiences abroad. Here are just a couple of examples for you to explore but don’t stop there! If you connect… Continue reading

Back to reality…

Questions to ask yourself when you get back from abroad… How has your concept of yourself as an American changed? As an LGBT person? Were others’ reaction to you as a LGBT person… Continue reading

Be in the know before you go!

Take a look at the following resources and learn a little more about your destination! Department of State “For LGBT Travelers” LGBT Student Guide for Education Abroad NYU LGBT Study Abroad “Student to… Continue reading


All Abroad (US) This site was created as a resource for students, parents, faculty, and administrators interested in study abroad. In it, you will find answers to common questions about study abroad given… Continue reading

Resources you can take with you!

World Legal Survey (through IGLA) Database on legislations affecting lesbians, gays, bisexual and transgender people around the world. Gay Middle East (GME) News articles and headlines relating to LGBT issues in the Middle… Continue reading

While you’re abroad…

Question to ask yourself while you are abroad: Will not having my family and friends around for support affect my experience? What support systems/ resources are available in the host country? What are… Continue reading

before you go abroad…

Questions to ask yourself before you travel abroad: Am I looking for a program specific to my needs or a country receptive to gay men and lesbians? Take time to think about how… Continue reading

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